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Hawkin's Bazaar

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  • Bugnoculars


    Insects aren't the easiest things in the world to study, mainly because they love to scuttle and scamper where we can't follow. Navigate this little hurdle with Bugnoculars, a comfortable little bug container with a pair of 3X magnifiers built into the...


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  • Flashing Ufo Swing Seat

    Flashing Ufo Swing Seat

    Make a classic garden swing even better with this light-up Flashing UFO Swing Seat! The part you sit on is a large disc that is equipped with LEDs around its edge. Just press the button on its base and the lights burst into life, flashing through a series...


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  • X-Shot Turbo Advance

    X-Shot Turbo Advance

    Meet the king of all pump handle foam dart shooters! The X-Shot Turbo Advance combines extreme range with a huge ammo reserve to ensure you stay at the top of the score board when the foam starts flying. Load 40 of the 96 darts included into the drum-style


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  • X-Shot Excel 200pk Refill Darts

    X-Shot Excel 200pk Refill Darts

    It's always frustrating when you lose a foam dart, but it doesn't need to be a problem ever again! Pick up this huge ammo crate of X-shot foam darts and you'll never run dry. This plastic case is filled with 200 ready to shoot darts that are compatible...


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  • Bug Attack Swarm Seeker

    Bug Attack Swarm Seeker

    Blow bugs out of the sky when you wield this toxic-green foam dart blaster. Simply load ten dart into the magazine and then slide the entire thing into the side of the gun. Pull back on the handle to load a dart into place and it's ready to shoot! A simple


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  • Unicorn Poly Glider

    Unicorn Poly Glider

    Chase rainbows with a magical unicorn! This amazing slot together glider features a winged unicorn design that's ready for flight in seconds. Just assemble the parts and throw the glider and it will soar through the air for metres. Four unicorn designs...


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  • Mini Water Pistol (Toy)

    Mini Water Pistol (Toy)

    Small enough to be concealed but with a very effective soaking power, this Mini Water Pistol has transparent casing showing the brightly coloured components inside. It looks rather stylish whilst also allowing the user to see how much ammunition is left.


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  • Ice Cream Bubbles

    Ice Cream Bubbles

    This novelty ice cream cone is filled with bubble mixture. Unscrewing the whippy peak of ice cream reveals a bubble wand attached which can be dipped into the liquid-filled wafer cone to blow streams of light and floaty bubbles. Children will enjoy pretend


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  • Splash Timer Game

    Splash Timer Game

    Can you handle the pressure of a water bomb that could go off at any time- Find out with the unpredictable Splash Timer Game. Prep a water balloon and fit it inside the game, then twist the case to set the timer and throw it to the next player! As the...


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I Want One Of Those

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  • The Hot Stuff Garden Gnome

    The Hot Stuff Garden Gnome

    I?m Sexy and I Gnome It Gnomes aren?t ?known? for being ?attractive? by societal ?standards?, but this one is certainly an ?exception?. Not only does he know his way around a garden, he?s not afraid to seduce you into trying some of his ?forbidden fruit?....


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  • Giant Chocolate Donut Float

    Giant Chocolate Donut Float

    Mmmmm?donut? If you try to float on a real donut it will get all wet and gross, you?ll sink, and probably ruin the party. But THIS one is four feet wide and made of durable vinyl?perfect for the pool or beach. Don?t forget your beach ball, beverage boats,...


    Delivery £2.99

  • Inflatable Pineapple Drinks Cooler

    Inflatable Pineapple Drinks Cooler

    Who lives in a pineapple over the sea? Fun, easy-to-use inflatable beverage cooler for you and your bunch. This one in particular keeps 5 drinks afloat so you don?t have to get out of the water every time someone needs a piña colada refill. There?s a...


    Delivery £2.99

  • Unicorn Sprinkler

    Unicorn Sprinkler

    If you?re gonna keep cool, you?ve got to be cool Sure, the kids could run through the rusty ol? sprinkler you keep in your shed (think: ?ouch! dad my eyes are burning!?). But if you want cool points with the fam you?ve got to THINK BIGGER man! Take your...


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  • Pizza Beach Blanket

    Pizza Beach Blanket

    Nom Nom Nom Nom? Few things make people happier than a huge pizza, and the beach. This 5-foot-wide beach blanket gives you the best of both worlds?soak up some rays or towel off after a quick dip in the water without going into a food coma. 5 feet wide...


    Delivery £2.99

  • Wicked Carbon Booma Boomerang - Limited Edition

    Wicked Carbon Booma Boomerang - Limited Edition

    The Wicked Carbon Booma boasts a high grade carbon fibre providing a premium flying performance. Hand laid and hand trimmed to achieve a polished, perfect finish, this labour intensive process results in what is, quite possibly, the most advanced returning


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  • Ted Baker Water Bottle - Gunmetal

    Ted Baker Water Bottle - Gunmetal

    The Ted Baker Water Bottle in Gunmetal, is crafted from coated stainless steel and is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Constructed with a double-insulated body and a knurled leak-proof lid, the stylish 500ml capacity bottle features a laser-etched...


    Delivery £2.99

  • Snakes and Vines

    Snakes and Vines

    Keep children entertained in the garden with the Giant Snakes and Vines game. The brightly coloured game is a race as you swing up the vines and try to avoid sliding down the snakes. Great for long summer days, the game will make a great addition to your...


    Delivery £2.99

  • DC Comics Batman Pop Up Backpack

    DC Comics Batman Pop Up Backpack

    A handy superhero power to have when you need it ? this Batman Pop-Up Backpack can be folded away into a self-contained Batman logo pouch when not in use, but is full size when opened up. Featuring an iconic Batman design, including classic comic strip...


    Delivery £2.99

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