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I Want One Of Those

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  • Wicked Carbon Booma Boomerang - Limited Edition

    Wicked Carbon Booma Boomerang - Limited Edition

    The Wicked Carbon Booma boasts a high grade carbon fibre providing a premium flying performance. Hand laid and hand trimmed to achieve a polished, perfect finish, this labour intensive process results in what is, quite possibly, the most advanced returning


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  • Kensington Solar Wall Light

    Kensington Solar Wall Light

    The Kensington Solar Wall Light is eco friendly and can be fitted to a brick wall or fence in a matter of minutes. No need for fiddly mains installation, the light is completely weather resistant and will cast a comforting light on dark nights where you...


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  • Wicked Sky Rider Pro Frisbee

    Wicked Sky Rider Pro Frisbee

    The Wicked Sky Rider Pro is a precision weighted 125g disc. Its perfectly balanced computer aided design allows you to throw smoother, more accurate and longer range flights than ever before! Please note: Only 1 Frisbee will be sent, we cannot guarantee...


    Delivery £2.99

  • Grow It Funky Veg

    Grow It Funky Veg

    Challenge your preconceived ideas about the traditional colour of vegetables! This gift box provides everything any budding gardener needs to create their own funky veg and enjoy fresh produce at their fingertips. Growing your funky veg is simple - everyth


    Delivery £2.99

  • Razor Turbo Jetts

    Razor Turbo Jetts

    Hit new heights of fun with the all-new Turbo Jetts? motorised heel wheels! Simply start rolling with Turbo Jetts and amp up the action with an 80-watt, geared-drive motor to provide a one-of-a-kind boost to any pair of trainers. Remoteless, the Turbo...


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  • Gentlemen's Hardware Survival Kit

    Gentlemen's Hardware Survival Kit

    When packing for your latest expedition, make sure you pack the Gentlemen's Hardware Survival Kit. Perfect for camping and hiking, the useful kit, packaged in a smart and compact tin, contains all you need for an epic adventure. The set contains: a compass


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  • Aqua Gear Splash Shield

    Aqua Gear Splash Shield

    Join the water battle with the splash-shield from Aqua gear. Be ready for battle in seconds; simply fill the tank to load then take aim and shoot! the Aqua gear splash-shield lets you protect and attack at the same time. Comes with protector screen and...


    Delivery £2.99

  • Nerf Tornado Scream Super Soaker

    Nerf Tornado Scream Super Soaker

    The leader in water-blasting fun since 1989, the Nerf Super Soaker brand continues to be the brand of choice for action packed water-blasting mayhem! Kids of all ages can get together and head outdoors for soakage with Nerf Super Soaker, the authentic...


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  • Water Combat

    Water Combat

    Water Combat is the perfect game for those sun soaked days when all you want is a water fight to cool off. Loosely based on laser quest-style games, the 2 - player game comes with 2 water guns and 2 colour changing vests. When the target circle on your...


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Hawkin's Bazaar

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  • Flower And Frog Magnifying Lens

    Flower And Frog Magnifying Lens

    Children who fancy themselves as little explorers can get a closer look at just about anything through the magnifying lens in this colourful frame. Whether they're combing through grass in the garden or just fancy a thorough investigation of the toy box,...


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  • Scentos Bubble Wand

    Scentos Bubble Wand

    This large tube of Scentos bubble mix works just like most bubble wands do, but with one key difference. Once you use the huge bubble wand to create a stream of massive bubbles in the air, you'll notice that they all have a distinctly fruity smell! It...


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  • Unicorn Poly Glider

    Unicorn Poly Glider

    Chase rainbows with a magical unicorn! This amazing slot together glider features a winged unicorn design that's ready for flight in seconds. Just assemble the parts and throw the glider and it will soar through the air for metres. Four unicorn designs...


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  • Junior Gosh Space Hopper

    Junior Gosh Space Hopper

    Hop for a great cause! Our Junior Space Hopper has been given a fabulous purple makeover in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. It feature's the charity's iconic logo and the encouraging words Hop for GOSH on its front. And the best...


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  • Butterfly Bubbles

    Butterfly Bubbles

    Watch bubbles flutter through the air with all the grace of a beautiful butterfly. This mini bottle of bubble mix is topped with a butterfly that hides a small bubble wand underneath the lid. They're the perfect size for party bags or crackers! Three...


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  • Mini Bubbles

    Mini Bubbles

    Hours of fun in a tiny bottle ? it must be full of bubbles! Remove the lid and dip the hoop in the bubble solution, then blow through it to create a mesmerising stream of amazing bubbles. They're perfect for party bags, prizes or just an afternoon of...


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  • Santa'S Sleigh Poly Glider

    Santa'S Sleigh Poly Glider

    Aside from the magical levitating reindeers, have you ever wondered how Santa's sleigh can fly- We'd hazard a guess that it was made from a super lightweight material, with an option to glide when Rudolph gets tired. As such, we've produced our own working


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  • Flying Saucer Balloons

    Flying Saucer Balloons

    We can't claim these are UFOs (after all, we've identified them), but these balloons have the appearance of a rapidly spinning flying saucer when inflated and released due to their special shape. You get two in a pack for lots of dizzying, airborne fun.


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  • Scentos Party Bubbles 6pk

    Scentos Party Bubbles 6pk

    These bottles of Scentos bubble mix works just like any other tub of bubbles, but with one amazing and delicious difference. Once you use the included bubble wand to blow awesome bubbles into the air, you'll notice that they all have a distinctly fruity...


    Delivery NC

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